Brushing & Steaming, Fringing, Slitting, Cross-cutting….

All rather ‘alien’ words, but common everyday parlance in Grange Valley Road mill!

It’s an extremely busy time of year here at Joshua Ellis as we fulfil Christmas scarf orders at the same time as finishing the new Autumn 2018 Accessories Collection, launching in December in Japan.

All hands are frantically putting the new products through their paces- some 21 different processes from yarn to finished product.  This season sees the launch of Joshua Ellis’ largest collection in many years – including cashmere scarves, stoles, serapes and throws plus a large range of Escorial scarves and stoles. New are a beautiful, soft featherweight range in 12 plain shades and 9 designs; the most sumptuous and luxurious double-face stole in 4 subtle tonal variations.

With inspiration taken from the iconic heritage of British design, and a blend of international influences, our inspired Autumn Winter 2018/19 collection is perfect for the modern, discerning customer.  We look forward to showing you our work!

Joshua_Ellis_Mills Joshua_Ellis_Weaving

Joshua_Ellis_Weaving_2 Joshua_Ellis_Mill