Royal Cashmere fit for a Royal Baby

This luxurious baby blanket has been made from the finest and softest of cashmeres. Called ‘Royal Cashmere’ this baby cashmere is the ‘first clip’ of the cashmere goat and as such is the whitest and softest available. It is highly prized and a fitting ingredient of the Joshua Ellis product range. Embroidered as a memento of this very royal year, this Royal blanket is soft, tactile and very protective. It’s next-to-the-skin softness will cocoon baby to keep them naturally snug and safe, whilst preventing overheating.

royal cashmere fit for a royal baby“The birth of the heir to the Royal throne is a very special occasion”, says Jayne Woodthorpe, Managing Director , ”and such a precious baby deserves the most precious of fibres. We are proud to represent the best of Yorkshire manufacturing with our lovely gift.”

Joshua Ellis & Co Ltd has been quietly weaving luxurious cashmere and fine animal fibres into the softest and most luxurious fabrics for almost 250 years. Situated in the heart of the Yorkshire textile industry, the Joshua Ellis woollen mill produces cloth and accessories of the finest quality for many of the leading fashion houses and brands around the world. Handcrafted by a highly skilled local workforce all the manufacturing processes are undertaken in Yorkshire using a mix of traditional and new manufacturing techniques to produce products fit for a King or Queen!