Showcasing the New Autumn/Winter 2019 Fabrics from Joshua Ellis

July marks the time of year when we embark on selling fabrics for the next winter season, which is currently winter 2019.  The first show of the season for Joshua Ellis is Ideabiella, part of Milano Unica in Milan. This is later followed by Première Vision in Paris and Jitac in Tokyo. These opportunities enable the top fabric manufactures in the world to showcase their made to order collections to fashion houses to generate samples and production orders for the first half of 2019.

For Joshua Ellis, this means the design development starts for the next Winter collection in January. We begin by reviewing the success of the previous collection to decide on the rerunning qualities. The creates a framework in which we add new inspired ideas; from trend forecasts, to travel inspiration and customer feedback.

The collection needs to be designed and in production by the end of April, this allows the range to be ready to present to our customers in July.  This can prove a challenge, as April through to July is our busiest time in the factory, while we ensure that we make all development ranges using our production machinery, to guarantee it can be reproduced.

The winter collection represents six months of hard work from the initial creation of ideas, through to the final realisation of the luxurious Cashmere and Lambswool fabrics.